Block Insight Airdrop | Register and Get 150 Points (~10$)

BlockInsight is Insightprotocol’s first official service. It provides value to users in the Insight Protocol ecosystem while serving as a means to collect news consumer trends from users.

BlockInsight curates news specializing in blockchain and cryptocurrencies and provides blockchain-related information such as meet up content, airdrop, youtube/columns.

BlockInsight successfully launched in Korea. We are releasing this December as the global version of the app.

Users can also receive INX tokens and more partner tokens. We did an airdrop to celebrate the launch. register and get tokens!

  • Free 150 Points
  • Ref 40 Points
  • Will list in big Market namely MXC Exchange and Upbit

Block Insight Airdrop | Step by step

Steps to register for airdrop

  1. Download the BlockInsight App at play store
  2. Open the app and click signup
  3. Enter your email and create a password
  4. Enter your cellphone number and verify
  5. Input referral code for additional points OPS522

NOTES : We don’t get INX tokens directly but what we get are points which can later be SWAPed to INX tokens and you can sell them on the MXC Exchange and Upbit markets

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