Social Media Platform ‘Voice’ Launched On 4th July, the company behind the EOS network, has announced that its social media platform, Voice, will be available to users on July 4.

Block.One, the company behind the EOS network, recently announced that it will launch the token-anticipated social media platform Voice on July 4. Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo cites the urgent need to take social back from big technology.

Social media platforms claim to be tokenized versions of ad revenue based platforms like Facebook. Voice Users will be rewarded with tokens for “creating, distributing and discovering content.” Voice also intends to promote transparency and authenticity.

Voice will be available to users on July 4th

Voice CEO, Salah Zalatimo, in a series of tweets, revealed the decision to launch the social media platform rather than originally expected.

He tweeted that Brendan Blumer, co-founder of Block.One and Daniel Larimer more than a year ago announced their intention to launch the social media platform Voice.

The CEO noted that they spent most of the year developing the blockchain technology needed to handle social platforms at scale.

He revealed that they had been building towards a big opening this fall. CEOs say they can’t wait any longer, and the time to take social media back from the big tech is now. Initially, this social media platform was planned to go live in early 2022.

Registration will remain on request until mid-August

Salah Zalatimo was appointed CEO of Voice earlier this year. He served as Forbes global chief digital officer before joining Voice as CEO.

Today’s Voice CEO plays an important role in Forbes’ success in the digital world. He revealed on Twitter that July 4 onwards, only registered users can publish or engage.

Registration will remain on-demand until August 15, when users can start inviting their friends, he added. Block.One branded Voice as a social media platform that is transparent and not controlled by centralized authorities like Facebook and Twitter.

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