Blockchain Has Significant Use Cases for 5G

Jiang Wei, chairman of China Telecom Blockchain and Digital Economy Joint Laboratory, explained in an interview published on Chinese news portal Cebnet that blockchain technology has significant use cases that could improve 5G mobile networks.

According to estimates by China Telecom in 2022, China’s 5G service is expected to have around 170 million subscribers by the end of 2022. Wei said that China Telecom expects blockchain to play an important role in trusted management, secure interaction, and efficient collaboration among many network participants. and devices.

Making 5G smoother and more convenient

Wei stated that Blockchain in 5G will introduce social capital in the 5G landscape. He believes that this will help the industry crowdsource 5G infrastructure. He also noted his belief that blockchain will help realize 5G resource sharing and usage tracking.

China Telecom is also experimenting with blockchain to improve international roaming services. He sees Blockchain as a way to eliminate the need for third parties. If he is right, this can make the related services more seamless and convenient.

There are still blockchain hurdles in 5G implementation

“Before we can see the efficient integration of blockchain and 5G, there are some issues that need to be addressed with blockchain technology,” Wei said. “Out of all of them, the legality and security aspects of smart contracts are the main concern.” Wei continued:

“Besides, from a design perspective, smart contracts cannot be fixed or enhanced. Therefore, 5G smart contracts need to formulate standard solutions for bug fixes and updates. “

On the other hand, scalability and interoperability are two hurdles that hinder the integration of these two technologies. With proper cooperation and experimentation by global institutions, Wei said we can still integrate the two technologies – leading to better communication services around the world.

In August 2022, Cointelegraph reported that China Telecom published a whitepaper explaining their idea for a 5G blockchain phone.

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