Blockzone X BigBang Core Airdrop

Blockzone X BigBang Core Review

Blockzone event is a platform that makes it easy for us to get quality projects that we can participate in for free through airdrops and also staking programs based on choices from Blockzone events. Currently the blockzone event has opened a staking program with the standard project token protocol protocol or stpt which in the next few days blockzone will hold another collaboration with the Bigbang Core project in order to release the Decentrelized Finance project to the cryptocurrency market.

To solve the problem of transaction delays and expansion, BigBang Core has introduced a tree-based blockchain system, which perfectly combines the Internet of Things with blockchain. It is a system on a peer-to-peer network that manages the blockchain in a decentralized way. This tree-based structure allows you to extend the branching chain to infinity, taking the continuation of concurrency and transactions to a whole new level. In addition, it will not only maintain data exchange and mutual trust between systems in heterogeneous environments, but will also form a solid foundation for future complex Internet of Things business models.

Blockzone X BigBang Core Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Register at Bittrex Exchange and Fill in the form and confirm via email
  2. Relogin and do KYC using your Passport (Use KTP for those who don’t have a Passport)
  3. If successful, please move on to the next step
  4. Visit site Blockzone Event
  5. Create an account by filling out the registration form
  6. Verify via your email to activate the account
  7. Fill in your personal data on the info page if necessary, don’t forget to put the ETH ERC20 address in the wallet settings menu
  8. Last and most importantly Do KYC
  9. After Approve you will see a list of select events labeled ” On going ” on the Even project (BigBang Core).
  10. Last click participate
  11. Do simple social media tasks and input your data
  12. Congratulations you have completed the task
  13. Just waiting for distribution


  • The event will start at 12.12.2022 04:00 PM PDT up to 12.19.2022 04:00 PM PDT and it will last for 7 days

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