Blockzone x Chromia Airdrop | Get 50 STPT & 5000 CHR Tokens ($11)

Blockzone event is a platform that makes it easy for us to get quality projects that we can participate in for free through airdrops and also staking programs based on choices from Blockzone events.

Currently the Blockzone event has opened a staking program with a standard project token token protocol or stpt which in the next few days Blockzone will hold another collaboration with the chromia project,

Chromia itself is a new blockchain platform for decentralized applications, conceived in response to the shortcomings of existing platforms and designed to enable a new generation of dapps to go beyond what is currently possible.

You can learn more about Chromia on the official website:

Blockzone x Chromia Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Visit site Blockzone Event
  2. Create an account by filling out the registration form as usual
  3. Verify via your email to activate the account
  4. Fill in your personal data on the info page if necessary, don’t forget to put the ETH ERC20 address in the wallet settings menu
  5. Last and most importantly Do KYC
  6. Congratulations you have been able to participate in Blockzone activities


  • For the Chromia event itself, it will start to open and can be worked on on May 15, 2022 later, so stay tuned!

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