Blockzone x Event Coin | Register and Share a total of $25000 Coin

Coin Review

Akoin is a cryptocurrency powered by a marketplace of tools and services that fuel the dreams of entrepreneurs, business owners and social activists.

They are connected and engaged across Africa’s emerging economies and beyond; created by the visionary global artist, changemaker, innovator and humanitarian, Akon.

Blockzone x Event Coin | Step By Step Join

  1. Visit site Blockzone Event
  2. Create an account by filling out the registration form as usual
  3. Verify via your email to activate the account
  4. Fill in your personal data on the info page if necessary, don’t forget to put the ETH ERC20 address in the wallet settings menu
  5. Last and most importantly Do KYC
  6. After Approve you will see a list of select events labeled “Ongoing” on the project (Akoin)
  7. choose Participate
  8. Register on Bitrex and don’t forget to KYC to get rewards
  9. Do simple social media tasks and input your data
  10. Congratulations you have completed the task
  11. Just waiting for distribution


  • All users who have completed the Akoin Social task are eligible for the Akoin award for a total of $25,000. At the end of the event, we will distribute airdrop awards to the Bittrex Global accounts of all eligible users. Participant must complete all four airdrop tasks and submit their Bittrex Global account on the event dashboard before the event closes to receive their award.
  • The number of participant airdrop awards is based on the order in which all airdrop tasks are completed. The faster they complete all the tasks, the more airdrop rewards they receive.
    1. The top 1,000 participants will receive $10 worth of Acoins.
    2. 1,001 ~ 3,000 participants will receive $5 worth of Acoins.
    3. Participants 3,001 ~ 5,000 will receive Acoins worth $2.5.

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