Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. Create the First NFT

Floyd Mayweather Jr. entering the NFT space is proof that NFT can be used for more than just digital art. This NFT covers important things in his life and career and is sold in different editions each in limited quantities.

The creation of NFT by one of the world’s greatest living athletes helped drive mass adoption to the blockchain ecosystem. Rarible has become a very popular site for celebrities to release or “unleash” their NFT and Mayweather’s choice of platform makes Rarible even more attractive to people getting into crypto/NFT for the first time.

This is arguably the biggest NFT drop since Mayweather’s illustrious career, with a 50-0 record. Mayweather has always been more than just a boxer, regularly donating to several other charities. NFT is another way Mayweather can monetize his brand and not only encourage mass adoption, but also help with charities along the way.

With high hopes that other celebrities and athletes begin to follow in Mayweather’s footsteps and propel his brand and fans into the NFT space. Mayweather’s unique collection is very limited and as such, is likely to fetch a fairly high price due to demand. Limiting NFT to such a low amount makes it a special experience for any NFT owner as they now have a piece of history that they can display, sell or even pass down to younger generations, proving that NFT originated with them.

Several NFTs include rare memorabilia from Mayweather’s personal mementos. The legacy that Mayweather created is told through the form of NFT and because of that, he creates an experience for his fans to proudly have some of his best moments as a boxer. Mayweather has set the standard for monetizing yourself as a brand and through the use of NFT can spread the brand and its message to people around the world more easily than ever before.

The ongoing use cases of blockchain and NFT continue to grow as celebrities and athletes like Floyd Mayweather help push the blockchain adoption path into the hands of millions. We can only hope that more celebrities/athletes follow suit to continue to engage with their fans.

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