Brexily Exchange Airdrop | Register and Get $3 EVR

Brexily Exchange Review

Brexily is one of many leading products developed by Everus Technologies on a mission to expand the Everus World Ecosystem to pioneer the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency. Targeted at mass crypto adopters,

Brexily is a one-stop platform that offers optimal services from procurement, spending to acquiring cryptocurrencies. Aims to improve user trading experience,

Brexily was developed to expand the usability of cryptocurrencies by providing easy solutions that meet the needs and demands of today’s market segments simultaneously, expanding the trading community.

Brexily Exchange Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Click link sign up Brexily
  2. Fill in the registration form and don’t forget to activate the account by confirming the incoming email
  3. Set 2FA for account security and don’t forget to save the recovery code
  4. KYC if necessary
  5. Next, claim rewards via BOT Airdrop
  6. Join Telegram Group Brexily
  7. Follow account Twitter Brexily and Retweet the Pin Post
  8. Follow account Instagram Brexily
  9. Follow account Youtube Brexily
  10. Join Channel Telegram Advertiser


  • To be counted as a valid referral, the referred person must complete a mandatory task and submit their data to the bot.
  • Maximum referral limit is unlimited.
  • The airdrop will end on September 30.
  • Airdrop rewards will be distributed to your Brexily account on October 1 – October 10
  • We will check participants manually. You have to complete Mandatory tasks, otherwise you will not get any rewards.

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