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Bruciare Review

BRUCIARE (BCIRE) is a healthcare IT company building a blockchain platform that the team believes can improve the way healthcare is delivered and managed. The BRUCIARE (BCIRE) platform reportedly uses blockchain technology as the underlying distributed ledger for the coordination of care, benefits and payments between all parties in the healthcare chain: patients, doctors, pharmacies, laboratories, employers, insurers, and others.

The BRUCIARE token (BCIRE) can be used to secure efficient and transparent healthcare administration worldwide. The supply of tokens is fixed and the price variable, as determined by market supply and demand. The BRUCIARE token (BCIRE) runs natively on the ethereum blockchain and is designed to follow the ERC20 token standard.

The BRUCIARE utility token (BCIRE) is the currency used for transactions on the platform. According to the foundation, they can be used to pay the costs of the Care Administration Network, Established Care. Wallet, buy Care. card, and participate in the treatment. Marketplace and pay the associated integration fee. In addition, BRUCIARE (BCIRE) is reported to be used for Treatment emissions. Coins and payments that require Coin Care.

Bruciare Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Click the link to Airdrop
  2. Follow Channel and Group Telegram Bruciare
  3. Follow Twitter and Retweet, Comment, Like and Tag 3 Friends on pin tweet
  4. Follow Channel Advertiser
  5. Submit ETH ERC20 Address

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