Bytemix App X Pilnette Airdrop

Bytesmix and Pilnette review

Software Company Bytesmix is blockchain development, marketing, Software development, Business. Make Your Life Better. This application, in addition to functioning as a wallet and news center, Bytesmix also has features that are quite interesting and different from other wallets, namely the project token listing feature by giving rewards to each user in the form of an airdro for a limited time.

After the success of listing several interesting projects before, Bytesmix is ​​again listing a new Project Token called Pilnette project (PVG), Pilnette itself is a J.1 COMPONY Real estate company that has been tried for the first time in the world by designing to maximize advertising effectiveness by connecting to stores. franchise and franchise among members by buying real-time shops, participating in projects, participating in equity, etc. This is a blockchain coin.

Incidentally, you can purchase and use a Pilnette membership with entertainment, such as tourism, recreational sports, recreation, lodging, medical services, movies, shows, mutual assistance services, ossuary rooms, gift certificate purchases, shopping malls, etc.

Bytemix Apps X Pilnette Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Download Bytesmix at Google Play
  2. Change the language using English by clicking the profile menu (lower right menu of the screen) in the app, and selecting the icon sub menu (Letter A and Hangeul)
  3. Continue to registration, several options when creating an account, you can connect your Google account, or use Cocoa Talk and also register directly by filling out the form
  4. After that enter your username
  5. After that, enter the leftmost menu (News) and click the Pilnette (PVG) Airdrop banner
  6. there you will find advanced instructions
    • First, activate the PVG token address in the wallet menu, click the plus sign in the upper right corner and type PVG and activate the address
    • Go back to the airdrop, click the interesting article and change it to going
    • Leave your comments in the comments menu
    • Enter code 89494161 to the enter invitation Code field
    • Dang join the telegram group Pilnette to know the progress of the project
  7. Finished


  • The event only takes place on August 28, 2022 at 13.00 WIB until August 28, 2022 20.00 WIB
  • Only for 2000 Participants, First come, First served
  • For details, please read here

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