C Estates Airdrop | Register and Get 2500 xCET

C Estate Review

C Estates connects people around the world to seamlessly and conveniently transact buying and selling real estate properties. Whether you’re verifying documents, confirming a notary, validating asset ownership, buying or selling a property or finding someone to manage a property, C Estates has got everything you need to do business in one place.

C Estates Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Click the link to the Form C Estates
  2. Register on the website C Estates (500 xCET) (Registration will be reopened before claiming the prize) -You must validate your email address to get the prize.
  3. Like us on Facebook and join us on Our Facebook group (400 xCET)
  4. Share Embedded Post Our Facebook (300 xCET) – Your Shared Post must include this hashtag # CEstates #TokenizedRealEstatePlatform #PoweredByNEM #Blockchain #RealEstate
  5. TAG at least 3 of your friends in the comments section on pinned post on our Facebook (300 xCET)
  6. Follow we are on Twitter (400 xCET)
  7. Retweets Our Twitter Pined Tweet: ( 300 xCET) – Your Retweet post must include this hashtag #CEstates #TokenizedRealEstatePlatform #PoweredByNEM #Blockchain #RealEstate
  8. Mention at least 3 of your friends in the comments section on Twitter pinned Our Tweets: (300 xCET)
  9. Submit your data
  10. Finished


C Estates IEO on Probit, so hurry up and work on it, bro!

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