Catsgarden Mining App | Register and Earn CatCoin (~0.03 USDT)

Catsgarden Mining App is a mining application that produces catcoin which presents a unique and interesting way of playing, is a new cryptocurrency that can be obtained on mobile phones and made for ordinary people.

Catcoin aims to help ordinary people get more value that is now only available to banks, tech giants like facebook, amazon and other intermediaries. The value of Catcoin depends on the collective contribution of the entire community.

Catsgarden Mining App | Step by Step

  1. Click the link Catgarden App
  2. Click Get App Now
  3. Scan using the Barcode application if the link is opened via a PC or directly download it on your Android phone
  4. After the download is complete, open the application and register using a google account, vkontakte or twitter
  5. Finished


  • Instant Withdraw Using Doge/BTC/ETH/LTC
  • Relaxing Game for Waiting for Cultivation
  • Enter code 5EAW7CG4 if necessary
  • Also Play Lucky Spin To Claim Your CatCoin
  • The Higher Your Cat Level, The Bigger and Faster To Earn CatCoin

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