Centus X Buzzin Airdrop | Register and Get 400 CENTUS

CENTUS is a digital currency whose reliability is guaranteed against its peg to the US dollar, yet remains fully decentralized.

The price for 1 CENTUS is always approximate or equal to 0.01 USD. The CENTUS protocol algorithmically adjusts the issuance of CENTUS tokens in response to changes in the exchange rate of CENTUS against USD.

This makes it possible to implement monetary policy similar to that of central banks around the world, except that it uses a decentralized algorithm based on protocols, without the need for direct human intervention.

Centus X Buzzin Airdrop | Step By Stop

  1. Click the link to BOT menu
  2. Join Curate Group
  3. Join Channel Curate
  4. Follow Twitter
  5. Install the curate app on IOS for Iphone users and Playstore for Android users
  6. Contents Google Form
  7. Input ERC-20 Address (Imtoken, TrustWallet, Mew)
  8. Done

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