Chads VC Giveaway: Adventure to Challa

Chad’s review

The CHADS token is a social experiment designed to teach virgins how to trade like fools. It is a deflationary coin that uses a new burn curve mechanism. The lower the price you sell or transfer CHADS, the more your tokens will burn. Only buying CHADS or supplying liquidity to the Uniswap pool is exempt from this burn.

What is the supply of CHADS tokens? 69 million CHADS will be printed. This is the only time CHADS will be created. The deflationary nature of CHADS means that supply will always decline. Unburned tokens at Moonbeam launch will be exchanged 1:1 to the Moonbeam network, where the same token economy will apply.

Chads VC Giveaway: Adventure to Challa | Step By Step Join Giveaway

  1. Click the link to the page Giveaway
  2. Connect your social media, like twitter, facebook, medium etc
  3. Do the social media tasks that have been determined
  4. Share your referral link to get points and a bigger chance to win
  5. Finished

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