ChainBridge X Airdrop Sharing Community

ChainBridge Review and Airdrop Sharing Community

ChainBridge Wallet is easy and secure digital purse which makes it easy to send and receive digital assets by mobile. You can easily access language learning services, cosmetic shopping malls, mobile games and manage your digital assets all at once from purse You .

Step By Step Airdrop

  1. Download ChinBridge app On Playstore or Appstore
  2. Fill in the Registration Form according to the instructions
  3. Next you will be directed to the Identity Verification session
  4. Perform Face Verification and wait for it to approve (it takes a few minutes to approve)
  5. Then activate the account via the incoming email
  6. Set app password
  7. To input phone number skip before
  8. Next to the menu profile, you can find on the top right corner of the screen on app
  9. Select menu Set Up Recommender ,
  10. Select sub menu Referral Registration, enter code word17 to redeem/get the ASC token
  11. then select confirm, after a few seconds ASC token bonus will enter
  12. Finished


  • Currently ASC tokens cannot be traded, bro!
  • Token smatoos, from the previous event it has been successfully listed on DCOIN,
  • Don’t forget the help to use the code word17,

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