CHALLENGE Airdrop | Register and Get 50 CLG (~$10)


What is Challengeclg? Challengeclg is a CryptoCurrency based on Ethereum Blockchain which is used to mine CLG tokens for people using Challengeclg App. For the benefit of users, CLG can be converted to Bitcoin, Ethereum or other crypto using third party exchanges.

  • Challenge Mining Service is a social networking App that provides CLG tokens to users using Challenge App. User can mine CLG by using this App..
  • Blockchain Challenge is an Ethereum Blockchain based CryptoCurrency.
  • Exchange Challenge Exchange (CLG) Coming soon

CHALLENGE Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Click the link to BOT
  2. Follow Telegram group and Channel Challenge Token
  3. Follow twitter Challenge Token and Retweet Pinned Post
  4. Follow account Facebook Challenge Token
  5. Follow Youtube Challenge Token
  6. Finished


Challenge Token is already listed on and

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