ChilliSwap Introduces Various Leading NFT Features

The NFT token has reached a new wave and is gaining immense fame. However, in the first half of this year NFT has seen a significant drop in sales, approximately $2.5 billion less. But it didn’t take long for NFT to bounce back, over the last few weeks

As NFT Decrypt market analysis recently reported “NFT is well and truly back, with a plethora of new projects and trends making headlines”.

In fact, major brands such as Visa and Budweiser have also entered the NFT space by purchasing NFT works as historical trade artifacts.

Here are the top NFT trends and economies that are getting more and more popular over time.

Current NFT Trends

Digital Art

Globally, NFT is disrupting the arts industry. With mobility restrictions due to the pandemic, health and safety regulations, and flexible work schedules, art creators, curators and lovers alike are all excited to adopt the new economy of digital creation facilitated by NFT.

The impressive sales brought by NFT further fueled the digital art boom, with galleries and blue-chip artists considering new revenue streams that NFT could generate.

They allow artists to trace origins, exhibition history, and holdings in digital art in a secure and permanent way.

Music Industry

Musicians and their labels have quickly forayed into the NFT market with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Lionel Richie, Boy George, Grimes and Kings of Leon, who have made millions selling music and art as NFT.

These tokens are very valuable and useful in the music industry because they first introduce a dimension of authenticity with certified ownership.

Second, they create scarcity, as each digital artwork will have only one or, at most, a very limited number of owners.

It’s easy for these famous musicians to profit from them because they already have a fan base that is willing to go to any lengths to get stuff from them.

NFT also opens up a number of digital assets that can be released, namely albums, concert tickets, images, audio files, videos, tour merchandise, and more.

Sports Collection

In the sports memorabilia market, NFT has been widely accepted. The NBA and other sports franchises have taken the opportunity to create their own blockchain platforms to allow fans to buy, sell, and trade NBA highlights as digital tokens.

This asset is very valuable from the point of view of a sports memorabilia collector as the NFT blockchain helps to create permanent certificates of ownership that cannot be replicated or deleted.

For the sports industry, NFT is a vast and undiscovered minefield of investment opportunities. The added fan loyalty also helps sports teams to take full advantage of many aspects of NFT.

NFT Games

No other industry has been able to quickly adapt and create value for NFTs like the gaming industry. Almost every day, new NFT games seem to be launched.

From simple games to complex meta universes all use NFT and blockchain technology to provide gamers with a unique digital experience. As a result, some NFT games have surpassed the million dollar mark in terms of transaction volume.

ChilliSwap Enliven NFT Industry

ChilliSwap as a leading NFT platform has recognized this trend and created an ecosystem based on rewards, user benefits and most importantly, CHLI Tokens.

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Platform and system features give sellers and buyers the opportunity to earn additional rewards in addition to trading unique NFTs.
These rewards come in the form of invaluable CHLI Tokens which can be used to navigate other features of the ecosystem including the upcoming NFT gaming functionality.

ChilliSwap will release NFT features, one of which is the NFT game itself, where users can play to get CHLI Tokens. The tokens can then be used to actively trade and exchange on DEX and buy NFT.

CHLI E-Game with its simple and unique structure will ensure that audiences from all backgrounds, not only the crypto demographic but also a wider audience who are new to digital currencies to participate and win tokens.

Overall, ChilliSwap continues to evolve with the changing trends of DeFi and NFT to create a superior platform that allows users to tag any asset they want and helps them create non-traditional revenue streams. ChilliSwap in the future will provide interesting features.

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