ClipX Airdrop | Sign Up and Get 90 CXC (~$12)

ClipX Project Review

The clipX GmbH is a blockchain e-learning platform for individuals and businesses to create video clips for education, training, workshops, ideas and courses. clipX hosts your videos in live streaming, video-on-demand, and video conferencing. You can create your own prices for your clips and courses. You decide whether to offer it for free or for a small amount or for a monthly or yearly subscription.

So let’s do your video with your knowledge and spread it all over the world and take advantage of passing amazing commissions and bonuses. Launch your business with the right platform. Choose any payment method: EUR – USD – CXC – BTC – ETH – LTC and more… With clipX you can build a business wherever you want.

ClipX Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Click the link to BOT ClipX
  2. Pass the BOT Test
  3. Join Telegram Group
  4. Like and Follow Facebook
  5. Subscribe YouTube ClipX
  6. Follow Twitter ClipX
  7. Subscribe to email
  8. Subscribe to email
  9. Join the community at BitcoinTalk
  10. Follow account LinkedIn
  11. Follow account Instagram
  12. Follow account Medium


  • Airdrops will be distributed after September 16, 2022

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