Cloud Mining: Definition, Advantages, Disadvantages

There are various ways that you can do to get crypto coins, one of which is mining. This process is divided into three methods, including pool mining, personal mining, and mining cloud mining. Among the three methods, many people think that cloud mining is the most practical. Then why is that?

One of the crypto mining methods, this method has a number of advantages such as being easy and suitable for beginners. But apart from the various advantages, this method also has disadvantages. For more details, see the following discussion.

Definition Cloud Mining

Cloud mining is a mechanism for mining cryptocurrency by renting Hash power from service providers. Many miners consider this method very practical because miners do not need to build their own mining rig but can still carry out the mining process.

To join, ethminers or miners just need to create an account and participate in the mining process remotely. No wonder many beginners are interested in trying out this mining method.

How about the number of coins earned? Miners who are registered for certain services will get a share of the profits according to the hash power they rent. The greater the hash power, the greater the profit share they will get.

Excess Cloud Mining

Miners who use the rental method can get several advantages. Anything? Check out the following points.

1. Easy and Practical

Joining cloud mining is quite easy and practical. Miners do not need to prepare various equipment ranging from hardware, software, to electric power because the Sudan service provider has prepared everything.

In addition, you can control the mining process remotely. Ethminers do not need to worry if they want to carry out their activities as usual because the mining rig has been monitored by the provider.

2. Reducing Electricity Load

It is undeniable that mining requires a large amount of electricity. The electrical power may not match the household electrical power so that it may cause problems such as fire.

By renting hash power, the electric power of the house will not be affected. Most importantly, electricity bills will not swell due to mining activities.

3. Maintenance Free

Cloud miners don’t have to worry about maintenance. This is because service providers usually have special staff in charge of maintaining mining equipment, especially hardware. But sometimes miners need to pay additional fees for routine maintenance.

Deficiency Cloud Mining

Although it has various advantages, this method of mining also has a number of disadvantages. Here are some drawbacks that cloud miners need to know.

1. Fraud

Not a few novice crypto activists who have fallen victim to scams under the guise of cloud mining. This scam is usually carried out by sites whose web hosts are not clear, making it difficult to monitor.

To minimize this, prospective cloud miners must really pay attention to the provider’s track record. Do not be easily tempted by the lure of cheap hash power because it is prone to fraud.

2. Lower Profit

Compared to mining through pool mining, using cloud services provides lower profits. This is because the profits obtained will be deducted from mining rig operational and maintenance costs.

3. Contract Stops Suddenly

This is one of the least expected disadvantages of using cloud services. When the price of crypto coins does not match, it is not impossible that the contract will be terminated suddenly. This is because a value that is too low will not be able to cover operational costs.

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