CNG X COINSBIT Airdrop | Free 30,000 CNG Estimated 4 Million

CNG X COINSBIT Airdrop – The best solution for casino tokens from CNGame Casino and partner exchange Coinsbit, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges!

Guaranteed payout results, the absence of intermediaries and banks and all the advantages of cryptocurrencies are combined in the token of the future game – CNG!

CNG X COINSBIT Airdrop | Step by step

  • Coinsbit Event Again Mandatory For New Registrants Yes, Free 30,000 CNG Estimated $300 Estimated 4 Million.
  • End May 20, 2022 and Open Trade in June.
  • After Approve KYC 30,000 CNG Directly Enter

Here are the steps:

  1. Create a Coinsbit/Register Account Here Link
  2. Enter Email/Enter Email
  3. Password/Password input
  4. Verify Email and do KYC/Go to Verification and Completed KYC
  5. Done

KYC tutorials

CNB Verification/KYC Instructions To Get Approved Immediately

Data Verification can use 3 options: Passport, KTP and SIM

Note: Choose only one, not all

For example: Use an ID card, only upload the ID card column, just leave the Passport and SIM fields blank

Before verifying data, please pay attention to the following:

  1. Try to take a photo of the front ID card and a photo of the back ID card with a plain background (separately), use a notebook cover if you’re having trouble
  2. For Direct Uploads at Once
  3. Photo of front and back ID cards (Photos of front and selfie ID cards are clearly legible. Please check before uploading)
  4. Make handwriting on plain white paper, the size is just according to the ID card, with the format:
    2. Your name
    3. Write Date When Uploading Data (DD/MM/YYYY)
    4. We adjust the signature to the ID card
  5. When taking selfies, the right hand holds the writing and the left hand holds the ID card

Terms of Writing Name:

  1. If the name is one word
    • Example: Ahmad
    • First name: Ahmad
    • Middle name: Ahmad
    • Last name: Ahmad
  2. If the name is 2 words
    • For example: Ahmad Aris
    • First name: Ahmad
    • Middle name: leave blank
    • Last name: Aris
  3. If the name is 3 words
    • For example: ado ado
    • First name: adi
    • Middle name: ado
    • Last name: adu

Terms of Writing Address:

  1. Street Name : Filled with the address on the KTP / SIM, for example according to the KTP : KRISAK TIMUR RT/RW: 012/023, Kel/Village: SINGODUTAN, District: SELONE
  2. House / House: Fill in the house number, if there is no house number, fill in the number: zero
  3. Apartment : empty
  4. ZIP : postal code

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