CoinDeal x Gamerhash | Register and Get $5 and 1 GUSD

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We created GamerCoin (GHX) – the original token for gamers! GamerCoin is the hallmark of the GamerHash platform – it’s the ultimate puzzle ecosystem and game fuel that makes 500.00 users’ lives easier. Gamers will have many ways to earn GHX through mining or entertainment on the platform. Storing tokens in wallet will bring many benefits & spending GHX on Marketplace will unlock special offers. This is a game changer for the game generation!

CoinDeal x Gamerhash | Step By Step Join Airdrop

  1. Start Gamerhash airdrop bot here
  2. Follow Coindeal Twitter
  3. Follow Gamerhash Twitter
  4. Retweet post
  5. Create Gamerhash account
  6. Share Link


  • This event will end on 20.08.2022! –
  • Your reward will be credited to your GamerHash account about 2 weeks after the Bot is closed
  • 1$ GUSD for everyone you invite to create an account
  • 5$ GUSD for everyone who created a GamerHash account
  • Each referral earns you an additional $1 GUSD
  • Your referrals will be counted if your referrals perform the mandatory tasks!

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