Coinsbit Exchange X Decentrelized Anonymous Network

Decentrelized Anonymous Network Review

Coinsbit is an exchange launched in August 2018 and registered in Estonia. Estonia is actually the only country in the Baltic that has a cryptocurrency exchange. Coinsbit has many interesting features. It mainly promotes three of them, namely that it has a high-performance trading engine, that it has strong security and that it “supports major coins”. The latter is actually not profitable in our view. All exchanges support BTC and ETH. The advantages of the trading engine and the security aspect are both excellent features of this platform.

Coinsbit collaborated with Project DAN (Decentrelized Anonymous Network) by releasing tokens and, Decentrelized Anonymous Network itself is a decentralized P2P VPN connection, supported by related tools that allow you to access the Internet freely, earn money by sharing your connection, and create applications that eliminate your geopositional constraints. The DAN token itself is used to pay for IP addresses and gain access to tools from different geographic locations.

Coinsbit Exchange x Decentrelized Anonymous Network | Step By Step Join Airdrop

  1. Click the link to Airdrop BOT
  2. Join the Telegram Telegram Group Decentrelized Anonymous Network and Coinsbit Indonesia and Channel Coinsbit Global
  3. Share the news to social media below,
  4. Register to the site Coinsbit for those who don’t have an account and do a KYC verification so that you pass the airdrop selection, and don’t forget to set 2FA authentication
  5. Place an order of 1000 AND, and save until the tokens start trading (Optional)
    • For those who meet the requirements and place an order, participants receive $40 in DAN
    • To fulfill the requirements without an order, participants receive $20 in DAN
  6. Fill in the form on Google Forms
  7. Finished


  • AirDrop launch date – 16.11.2022 and Ends on 15.12.2022
  • Tokens allocated for Airdrop will be frozen until 15.12.2022
  • The participant compliance verification process will be completed within 10 days after the end of the airdrop.

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