Coinsbit X Bitcoin Ultimatum Giveaway

Bitcoin Ultimatum Review

NEW AIRDROP FROM COINSBIT AND BTCU! Dear users, in honor of the launch of the Bitcoin fork, a new generation of Bitcoin Ultimatum (BTCU), which will be held on October 27, Coinsbit exchange announced a large-scale Airdrop!

Specifically for the Airdrop, Coinsbit has launched a token – the Coinsbit Bitcoin Ultimatum Token (CBU), which was initially implemented on the ERC-20 standard smart contract, and after the launch of the Bitcoin Ultimatum fork on smart contracts on the BTCU network. All CBU token holders will be able to exchange their current CBU tokens (ERC-20) to CBU tokens on the BTCU network.

Coinsbit Bitcoin Ultimatum Token will give users access to unique features on the exchange, as well as additional bonuses and privileges.

️Limited token emission: 1 000 000 000 CBU.

Coinsbit X Bitcoin Ultimatum Giveaway | Step By Step Join

  1. register on site (for new users)
  2. Do KYC until you pass Level 2 (for users without KYC)
  3. Subscribe to one of Coinsbit’s official sources:
  4. Subscribe to three official BTCU resources:
  5. Repost about CBU Airdrop on three different social networks, such as: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, VK, etc.
  6. To confirm that the basic requirements have been met fill Google Forms
  7. Finished

Note :

  • Airdrop announcement will be held on October 27th
  • Tokens will be credited within two weeks after the end of the Airdrop
  • The airdrop will take place from 10/10/2022 to 30/11/2022

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