, The Best Bitcoin and Doge Mining Site! is one of the sites that can generate bitcoin or doge from mining, faucets or playing games from the website.

This platform was created by which does not only focus on users to get bitcoin from mining results. However, there are other options for you to get extra bitcoins for free

Here we will review some of the features and advantages contained in CoinEye that you must try., The Best Bitcoin and Doge Mining Site That You Must Try!

Coinseye also gives you the opportunity to make a profit of up to 180% of the total mining price you buy.

There are several options you can do to earn bitcoins and doge.


There are 6 mining tools that you can buy with different prices and abilities for each tool.

The duration of the contract starts from 120 days to 180 days. The lowest price is from 0.0001 BTC to 0.005 BTC. All mining tools that you buy have the same profit, which is 180%.

Additional information: The bigger the mining tool you buy, the faster the profit you can get.


You can also claim the faucet every 15 minutes and get 5 satoshi in one claim.

This faucet feature is here to provide a form of Coinseye loyalty for its users.

PayToClick (PTC)

The PTC feature can also be used by users to generate bitcoin coffers every time they visit an advertiser’s page on Coinseye.

The amount of bitcoin given is also quite varied depending on the duration of the advertiser who chooses.

CoinTail Games

CoinTail game is a game where you have to choose 1 corner from 2 corners. If your corner comes out then you are the winner.

For calculation your percentage is 45%. and will get a profit of 20%, if you win the match. For example, if you bet 0.0001 BTC, if you win, you will get 0.00012 BTC.

Invite Friends (Referral)

Just like other bitcoin mining sites, of course, coinseye has a feature for a referral program that aims to invite your friends to join in it.

If you are a normal member, then you get 10% of your friends’ earnings every day.

Deposit and Withdraw on Coinseye

There are several methods that you can do when you want to deposit or withdraw at coinseye, and even then it is very easy for you.

Deposit on Coinseye

There are 6 cryptocurrencies when you want to deposit into your coinseye account.

Then the coinseye system automatically converts the coins you deposit into Bitcoin.

The minimum deposit is 0.0001BTC. The minimum deposit is made so that you can buy the cheapest mining tools.

Apart from buying mining tools. The money you deposit can also be used to buy PTC ads to help your platform get more traffic.

Withdraw on Coinseye

For withdrawals, the minimum withdrawal is 0.00015 BTC with a 5% discount. The withdrawal system is processed manually to the direct wallet.

Coinseye, does not use third parties to send bitcoins. Bitcoins that you withdraw will go directly to your bitcoin wallet. Withdrawal requests are processed no later than 3 working days.

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