Coinviva Giveaway | Register and Get a Total of 20 JT Noiz

Coinviva is a Digital Asset Exchange that follows strict regulatory and compliance standards to protect investors’ interests. An exchange that can support fiat funding options, with best-in-class trading liquidity.

Trading platform that can carry out the next phase of digital asset trading (Digital asset securitization trading service) Build a new financial ecosystem with more secure and efficient crypto trading.

Dedicated to providing an all-in-one trading platform for multi-asset classes, including crypto, equities, foreign exchange and commodities.

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Coinviva Giveaway | Step by Step

  1. Click link go to the Coinviva website
  2. Register by filling out the form and don’t forget to submit the code “E6UYFC”
  3. Verification by Email
  4. Go to the Security menu Set 2FA
  5. Go to Identity Verification menu and do KYC
  6. Finished


  • The event starts from May 5 to May 15, 2022
  • Don’t forget to use the code
  • When you have 3 referrals, you have the opportunity to get a 100 USDT raffle coupon

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