Reuters Press Release Placement [Tier 1]

  • Brand: Media Authority
  • Availability: In Stock


We will post your news on network which is a high authority news source.

This does include press release writing and a syndication across the major news affiliate networks.

Your news will also be placed inside the Associated Press Exchange for journalists to access your news.


Tier 1 Press Release Service

This service is a featured post via one of our media partners. You will receive a permanent article on one of the most popular press release platforms in the world.

A featured press release means we mention you or your business throughout the content. You must have a focus for wanting this content published on Reuters.

 This is not the most common press release services. This service is aimed towards anyone looking to:

  • boost their general exposure,
  • require a press release on a reputable domain for marketing material, 
  • Re-enforce branding inside Google Search

This service is all our services in one where you will receive:

  1. Press Release Writing Service (with revision from you)
  2. Editorial Process Handled For You
  3. Guaranteed Placement on Reuters via VCNetwork
  4. Distribution to all Tier 2 News Channels
  5. Permanent Publication on Website (see service here)

This service will yield a guaranteed placement of 400 domains, with a potential reach of 125M people across the globe.



  • Writing Your Press Release
  • Unlimited Revision
  • 2 Do-follow backlink allowed in Press Release
  • SEO keywords accepting
  • Permanent Featured post
  • Reuters Guaranteed Placement
  • Distribution to 500 + News Networks
  • Delivery time: 14 days


Topics To Avoid

As this is a professional service, we need to filter out any potential knock-backs right away. Please see all topic to avoid below:

  • Academic Writing Service
  • Adult Sites
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Discounts
  • Drugs / Supplements
  • E-Cigarette / Vaping
  • Gambling
  • Hacks / Cheats
  • Lawsuit
  • Loans / Mortgages
  • Making Money Online
  • Online Streaming Sites
  • Politics
  • Private Blog Network
  • Selling Social Media Followers
  • Weight Loss


Press Release Process

  1. Every order detail will undergo a screening process to ensure the information provided are eligible for Reuters and Yahoo News. Take Note: Reuters and Yahoo News reserves the right to approve OR reject any press release.
  2. When approved, a confirmation email will be sent to the contact person stated in the inquiry form.
  3. Writing Process begins. The draft will be reviewed firstly by us before sending over to the respective contact person.
  4. Reviewing Phase. Changes can still be made in this phase. The green light for distribution must be given to us to begin distribution.
  5. Distribution Process. You will receive the final report within 1 – 2 days after distribution.


You will need to have the following information ready

Primary Focus of the Press Release
The focus of the press release is very important. Without a clear focus provided, our writers will examine your website and use their judgement to decide what to focus the release on.

Additional Information
Is there anything we can include in the release to make it newsworthy? You may provide inner pages, links, videos and etc for us to have a look. A Blank Field means our writers will create something.

Boiler Plate/About You
Paid newswires require a few sentences about your site. Please tell us more about your site, what it does, who finds it useful, how long have you been established and anything else that's unique about you. A Blank Field means our writers will create something.

How It Works

  • 1. You purchase your preferred press release package from the store.
  • 2. You are sent a confirmation email with the submission form.
  • 3. Submit your press release to us.
  • 4. We will contact you in regards to your order and any extra steps.
  • 5. Your press release will go through an approval process.
  • 6. Your press release is syndicated based on your package.
  • 7. You will receive a report or publication URLs.