Convert Ethereum to BTC with the Converter App

Crypto converter is one of the important applications that you must have as a trader. Because this application is able to convert from one cryptocurrency to another, you name it Ethereum to BTC and vice versa.

Although it sounds simple, this application has a big enough role to compare the value of one coin to another so that traders do not make mistakes when transacting. Curious about the best crypto converter apps you can try? Here’s the review.

Ethereum to BTC Converter App

It should be noted that the following converter is not only useful for converting Ethereum to BTC but also between other crypto coins such as Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, and many more. You can even use some applications to convert to fiat currency.

1. Cryptonator

Cryptonator is a web-based application that you can use to easily convert between cryptocurrencies. To use this application, simply visit the Cryptonator website via mobile, PC or other device and select the type of coin you want to convert and the type of target coin.

What’s interesting is that Cryptonator not only allows you to convert between cryptocurrencies but also to fiat money. Although the available fiat money options are not too many, this application can be the right choice to simplify the trading process.

2. Coini

Windows 10 users can choose Coini as one of the best converters. This application comes complete with many interesting features, such as support for various crypto and fiat currencies, real time graphics, notification options, and much more.

Coini is also quite practical and easy for you to use. Just enter the coin nominal manually and see how much it is in other currencies. No less interesting, there is also a direct monitoring feature of the crypto coins you own.

3. CryptoConvert

If you want to try an application that is easy to download through the Google Play Store, CryptoConvert can be the right choice. This crypto converter is able to convert from one currency to another, both fellow cryptocurrencies and from crypto to fiat.

CryptoConvert has a simple interface that makes it easy to use. In addition, this application also supports more than 500 types of cryptocurrencies and 130 fiat currencies. No wonder this converter is relied on by many crypto traders.

4. CoinGecko

Change Ethereum to BTC made easier with CoinGecko. This converter application presents a number of interesting features, one of which is detailed information about cryptocurrencies. The information includes up-to-date and accurate price charts.

In addition, CoinGecko also offers features such as crypto exchanges, widgets, mining calculators, and discussion forums. With so much information that can be obtained from this simple application, it is no wonder that CoinGecko is ideal for novice traders.

5. CryptoLoot

CryptoLoot is a converter website that facilitates the conversion process between cryptocurrencies. Featuring a comfortable and user-friendly design, this converter can be relied upon to simplify the process of trading, selling and buying cryptocurrencies.

One of the advantages of CryptoLoot is that there are many types of cryptocurrencies to choose from. Apart from converting Ethereum to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, this converter also supports fiat currencies. Unfortunately this application does not support other features such as charts and crypto wallets.

Change Ethereum to BTC is not a difficult matter if you use a converter. Want to know more about the ins and outs of the cryptocurrency world? Visit Media Authority, the leading crypto site in Indonesia that provides the most complete and latest information about cryptocurrencies.

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