Covir Airdrop | Register and Get 10 CVRs Total Prize $10000 review

Covir is the exclusive partner of for funding of internationally licensed robotic disinfection systems based on the tezos blockchain Covir recently partnered with Octopus Robots in funding biosafety robots through the Tezos blockchain.

Octopus Robots was founded in 1987 and is involved in the design of robots to perform complex tasks. Covir aims to raise money to fund the development of biosafety robots through token sales with the help of blockchain technology.

Covir Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Click the link to BOT
  2. Follow Telegram Group Covir
  3. Follow Twitter Covir
  4. Follow Facebook Covir
  5. Follow Linked In Covir
  6. Follow Advtizer Channel
  7. Create an account on the website
  8. Fill in the registration form complete the profile
  9. Do KYC and wait for it to be approved
  10. Fill in the Tezos wallet address, to create a Tezos wallet, please click get over here
  11. Finish submitting data on BOT covir
  12. Finished

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