Crust Network Becomes DCF-Powered Web 3.0 Project

The decentralized storage project Crust has successfully launched the mainnet in September 2022. The launch is a milestone for Crust, which has been developing for years.

In less than two months since the launch of the mainnet, Crust Network has achieved sensational results with more than 2,200PB of globally distributed storage capacity and more than 7,000 IPFS storage nodes serving the entire network. This project is a new force in the Web3.0 era, laying a solid foundation for more attractive ecological construction and application efforts.

Crust is also one of the projects funded and supported by the Decentralized Cloud Foundation or DCF, a Singapore-based non-profit organization that seeks to support and promote decentralized Web3.0-style storage technologies and solutions.

Incubation of DCF into Crust is a start to getting more layout and attention in the near future. DCF also plans to expand its ecosystem development program by joining development teams in North America, Western Europe, Russia, and other regions in Asia apart from Singapore, where DCF’s headquarters are located.

“We pay special attention to China because the Chinese authorities strongly support the innovation and landing of blockchain technology applications. Because of this, the authorities have recently placed the ‘toughest restrictions in history’ on the crypto trading industry,” reads a statement from DCF.

Web 3.0 Initiative at Crust

Among the many technologies such as AI, IoT, Edge Computing and Confidential Computing, Decentralized Data Networks, and Decentralized Cloud Storage are the key infrastructures that underpin the entire Web3.0 ecosystem.

DCF has been funding the Crust Network decentralized cloud storage project since 2018, and will expand efforts to provide financial and non-financial support to more projects and teams that drive technical innovation.

What’s more, the foundation will continue to support and fund related technological innovations, and plans to cooperate with universities, academic/research institutions around the world by jointly establishing research centers, laboratories and project incubators.

DCF for a Better Web3.0 Future

DCF will continue to deepen its participation in the development of the Crust Network ecosystem in the following key segments:

A. Global Crust Network Nodes Deployment

This involves finding suitable IDCs and servers around the world, especially in North America, Europe, and Russia where the demand for decentralized storage is increasing rapidly, to support running Crust nodes.

B. Crust Ecosystem Growth Program

In the last quarter, several high-quality projects have emerged in the Crust Network ecosystem.

  • Bluna, a blockchain-based Metaverse and VR media solution.
  • Sinso, a blockchain project focused on the management and trading of medical diagnostic imaging.
  • SkyeKiwi, an end-to-end encrypted file transmission solution based on Crust Network.
  • SwitchSwap, a decentralized platform for NFT printing, display and trading.
  • Socbay, a decentralized video sharing and streaming platform based on Crust Network.
  • Crato, a distributed private cloud disk based on Crust Network.
  • CRUTransfer, Crust Network-based file transfer application.
  • DCF will follow and support these projects through grants, bounties, and hackathons.

C. Partnering with a Leading Blockchain Ecosystem

Crust Network has established solid cooperative partnerships with several leading blockchain ecosystems, including POLYGON, NEAR, ELROND, HECO and MOONBEAM by offering secure, accessible and easy-to-use decentralized storage solutions for NFT Metadata, DAPP, and user data. Cooperation with Avalanche, SOLANA, FLOW and BSC is ongoing.

D. Explore Solutions for Metaverse Storage

DCF is now funding several projects involving NFT, GameFi and SocialFi, including Bluna and SwitchSwap, as mentioned above. We are also eyeing more leading projects such as MaskBook, NFT Scan, and UniArts in connection with integration with the Crust Network.

E. Offer storage solution for Web2.0/traditional business demand

Crust Network has been gaining attention from cloud service vendors and some rather traditional business demands for a robust and no-cost distributed/decentralized storage solution. Crust Network is working on this business scenario

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