Crust Network Ready to Launch Mainnet, Here’s the Schedule

Crust Maxwell, as Crust’s mainnet preview network, was launched on February 4th to integrate all of Crust’s core functions. With 5 months of steady development and optimization improvements, Maxwell now has 2,746 nodes and 650P storage capacity, which has the capability to run applications commercially.

Mainnet Crust coming soon, some updates will be done Crust from time to time until mainnet rollout is done. Among them are: Technical and economic parameters of mainnet Crust have been completed, Mainnet code, Chain code, Test code, Storage Worker module code, Storage Worker module code test completed, Audit for Crust mainnet code completed, CRU claim on Crust mainnet activated.

Next there is Mainnet Storage Manager technical Test, Mainnet is open and all nodes are allowed to join, DSM (Decentralized Storage Market) technology Test and DSM (Decentralized Storage Market) Features are enabled. If all these details have been Crust it will be updated here.

What is Crust Network?

Crust is a blockchain project working in decentralized cloud storage, implementing an incentive layer protocol for decentralized storage by adapting layer protocols such as the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) and providing layer support within applications.

Crust’s decentralized cloud goal is to motivate nodes to provide decentralized storage and compute capabilities to data via blockchain technology. This will realize the decentralization of data storage and computing power.

Launch Plan

At the end of July 2022, DCF (Decentralized Cloud Foundation) will launch Proof of Authority on Crust mainnet. Users can claim CRU ERC20 tokens on mainnet. Furthermore, on August 12, 2022 the mainnet of this project will open node access and the CRU transfer function is available.

At the end of August mainnet Crust will be available for DSM (Decentralized Storage Market), users can store and retrieve files in the project mainnet. In late August to early September, this project will start Gpos rewards and nodes can get blockchain rewards, continued on on chain governance, polkadot parachain and further development in the future. All the latest information from Crust can be found on the official Crust medium.

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