Incorporates Bison Trails to Provide Validator Node Infrastructure for Upcoming Chain Testnet and Mainnet

Following the announcement of Crossfire,’s dry-run mainnet Chain, today asked Bison Trails to provide Validator node infrastructure support on Chain. With a robust infrastructure platform that decentralizes nodes across cloud providers and regions, Bison Trails will enable Validator nodes to sign block transactions with low latency and high throughput on the Chain. and Bison Trails will work together to support popular protocols such as Cosmos, Tezos, and Diem. Bison Trails will remove many of the technical requirements Validators need to run their nodes on proof-of-stake networks where there is a risk of slashing. To participate in a proof-of-stake network like Chain, a strong infrastructure and technical expertise is required. The easy-to-use Bison Trails platform allows anyone to participate without requiring in-depth engineering, protocol, dev-ops or security knowledge, thereby facilitating the Validator’s ability to run nodes on the Chain as it enters its final phase before the public mainnet launches.

Kris Marszalek, CEO of, said: “Attracting Validators to help with our mainnet pressure test was critical to a successful launch, and removing technical bottlenecks in the way their nodes were run was critical. We chose to work with Bison Trails because of their expertise with distributed systems and robust infrastructure. Their node clusters are built on a multi-cloud and multi-region foundation spread across four continents, and are capable of withstanding tiered failover events. ”

Joe Lallouz, CEO of Bison Trails said: “We are excited to support Chain as it uses battle-tested innovations such as the Tendermint consensus to build a new financial infrastructure to support’s fleet of offerings and services and advance crypto adoption worldwide. “

The Mainnet Chain trial was announced last week and will run until February 15, 2022. Participating validators will compete against each other while completing tasks; The top validators will share a prize pool of USD 300,000 at CRO.

Register to become a Validator here. For more information on setting up validators or complete nodes on the Chain, click here.

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