9 Online Games That Earn Bitcoin, Proven to Pay

The skyrocketing Bitcoin price lately has become a tantalizing thing for crypto investors. How come? In the past the coin cost only thousands. No need to buy, now you can play games to get Bitcoin and other crypto money in these 10 ways. 1. Feature Points: Get Rewarded Money & Bitcoin Feature Points is a … Read more

4 Steps to Use Litecoin Cloud Mining Free

No matter what type of cryptocurrency you want to mine, there are 3 mining methods available. The first is solo mining or mining yourself at home. Next there is pool mining or mining in the pool. And the last one is Litecoin cloud mining free or mine for free. Actually, the cloud mining mining method … Read more

FTX, Lightspeed, Solana Ventures Invest 1.4 Billion Rupiah in Web 3 Gaming

Web 3 games are currently in development and are expected to explode in the future, Web 3 games have skyrocketed in popularity with play-to-earn titles like Axie Infinity and metaverse games like Decentraland and Sandbox. Seeing this opportunity, FTX, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Solana Ventures invested $100 million equivalent to 1.4 billion Rupiah in the … Read more

ChilliSwap Will Integrate NFT Games

The world of NFT has expanded beyond being just a tool for the creation and curation of unique digital artworks. It has grown to support various forms of content, the most recent and popular being NFT games. As NFT games developed, they started to offer the opportunity to play games while generating income, this is … Read more

CSPR announces BitGo Integration & OKEx registration to expand institutional access to Casper ecosystem

BitGo integrates CSPR, providing institutional-grade digital asset storage. The integration of CSPR on BitGo expands institutional access to the Casper ecosystem, accelerating adoption of the decentralized and secure Casper layer 1 blockchain. Building on a strong partnership, the native crypto asset of the Casper Network, CSPR was recently listed on the global crypto platform and … Read more

Guide MonsterWar NFT (MWA) Token How to buy and how to play?

Next we will talk about MonsterWar NFT (MWA) Token, a new NFT game that already has many followers on its social networks and that in this article we prepare a guide for beginners so that they learn the basics of making money with this NFT game and we will also explain how to buy MWA … Read more

Crust Network Becomes DCF-Powered Web 3.0 Project

The decentralized storage project Crust has successfully launched the mainnet in September 2022. The launch is a milestone for Crust, which has been developing for years. In less than two months since the launch of the mainnet, Crust Network has achieved sensational results with more than 2,200PB of globally distributed storage capacity and more than … Read more