CSPR announces BitGo Integration & OKEx registration to expand institutional access to Casper ecosystem

BitGo integrates CSPR, providing institutional-grade digital asset storage.

The integration of CSPR on BitGo expands institutional access to the Casper ecosystem, accelerating adoption of the decentralized and secure Casper layer 1 blockchain.

Building on a strong partnership, the native crypto asset of the Casper Network, CSPR was recently listed on the global crypto platform and derivatives trading exchange – OKEx.com, it gives traders & investors from over 100 countries access to securely buy/sell CSPR on OKEx .

Digital asset maintenance and compliance: BitGo, the de facto leader for institutional digital asset maintenance and compliance, requires that every BitGo-supported project undergo a rigorous audit. This, together with BitGo’s suite of interconnected solutions, helps thousands of institutions confidently navigate the complex landscape of digital assets seamlessly and securely.

Enables institutions to procure CSPR: Institutions can store CSPR via BitGo, utilizing a secure, enterprise-grade storage service. BitGo’s multisig wallet solution balances security with accessibility, offering a multi-user solution for asset management.

Exchange exposure: The industry leader in digital asset financial services, BitGo provides institutional investors with industry-leading storage solutions.

Casper Network: Optimized for Developers, from Independent Projects to Enterprises.

In less than six months since the launch of its mainnet, the Casper Network ecosystem is thriving. Today, the Casper network is home to a vibrant community of developers and enterprises, actively building optimized technology stacks to revolutionize enterprise solutions. Unlike other L1, developers new to the project can build dapps on Casper in four weeks — no need to learn Solidity.

The Casper blockchain is a decentralized, open and permissionless layer 1 that is secure and robust. Born from the basic principles of security, decentralization and scalability, Casper has championed a more energy efficient blockchain consumption model from the very beginning. On top of the robust layer 1, Casper Network supports features that make it friendly for development, iteration, and evolution by Web2 and Web3 developers.

The result is a future-proof public blockchain network, welcoming developers and enterprises seeking solutions to legacy problems and new opportunities.

The majority of existing enterprise blockchains do not offer an easy way for organizations to adopt blockchain without having to rewrite their stack and incur an unacceptable level of risk.

The Casper Network has been built to address enterprise concerns about blockchain adoption, enabling businesses to confidently build today’s solutions knowing that they can be repeated and updated as their needs evolve:

Institutional interoperability means that Casper can integrate with the company’s existing technology stack, completing the process instead of requiring a complete replacement.

Developer-friendly languages ​​like WebAssembly mean companies don’t have to train or hire developers for a specific language; they can build with code they already know.

Upgradable contracts mean solutions can be deployed to the network and upgraded over time by developers, instead of needing to re-implement smart contracts with each new feature or bug fix.

The energy-efficient Proof of Stake consensus mechanism means companies can build with environmental sustainability in mind without sacrificing performance.

Open programming standards mean Casper can be easily built by anyone.

The Casper Network is currently the blockchain solution of choice for dozens of industry-leading enterprise solutions built across intellectual property, finance, supply chain and more.

CasperLabs: A Growing Power Within the Casper Ecosystem

The Casper Association is the board that leads core development for the Casper Network, and oversees key initiatives such as the Casper x Gitcoin hackathon, which was successfully completed this month with 1355 participants resulting in more than 40 new projects built on Casper.

Another growing force in the ecosystem is CasperLabs, a leading provider of enterprise solutions for the Casper Network. Run by a team of industry veterans from Google, Adobe, AWS, Dropbox, and Microsoft, CasperLabs is a power multiplier for the Casper ecosystem. Companies looking to build on the Casper Network can work with CasperLabs to test, iterate, and deploy their solutions — significantly reducing time to market. CasperLabs’ white glove service means that businesses don’t have to build in a vacuum and can rather explore the opportunities blockchain technology can provide with constant feedback and 24/7 support.

CasperLabs has collaborated with businesses such as IPwe, AWS, Metacask, Credentia, and others to accelerate enterprise blockchain adoption through easy, flexible and supported access to the Casper Network. The BitGo integration of the CSPR token will allow companies to more easily enter the Casper ecosystem through BitGo’s trusted institutional digital asset trust.

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