DCoin 618 FIL (Filecoin) Carnival | Register and Earn 0.1

Dcoin trading platform is the world’s first financial industry standard digital assets and derivatives trading platform which mainly provides cryptocurrency trading services for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite Coin, etc.

Dcoin was founded by blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts with core members from Google, Baidu, 360 and other world-renowned IT companies. Dcoin investment institutions include JRR, Collinstar Capital and so on.

On the occasion of the arrival of “618”, Dcoin will launch the “618 FIL (Filecoin) Carnival” event to give back to users for their long term support of Dcoin. You can go to the official website to open the red envelope and receive a drop of FIL air. You can also invite friends to win IPFS · Filecoin passion.

DCoin will cooperate with IPFS as the FIL Token developer in this event, Overview IPFS, also known as the interstar file system, is a content-based, versioned, point-to-point hypermedia transmission protocol. It integrates P2P network technology, BitTorrent transmission technology, Git version control, SFS self-contained file system and other technologies, aiming to build a new generation network protocol based on the current HTTP protocol.

Filecoin is an IPFS excitation layer, which builds a decentralized storage network through the Token excitation model of the blockchain. Under the Filecoin incentive model, a storage market and a retrieval market are built. Miners receive FIL tokens paid by users by providing storage and retrieval services

DCoin 618 FIL (Filecoin) Carnival | Step by Step

  1. Register at DCCoin Exchange (Use desktop mode on smartphone browser)
  2. Fill in the registration form and verify email
  3. Set 2FA and don’t forget to save code
  4. Do KYC according to the instructions on the website and wait for it to be approved
  5. Back to DCoin Main page
  6. Wait for the Red Envelope Pop Up to Appear
  7. Open and Claim FIL Token
  8. Finished


  • The event takes place from 2022/06/18 8:00:00 ~ 2022/06/28 8:00:00 (UTC)
  • All Dcoin users who have completed all KYC verification can participate in this event.
  • Prizes will be awarded within 7 working days after the event ends.
  • During the event, if there is any harmful brushing behavior, the qualification will be cancelled.
  • Eveny info you can learn Here

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