DMScript Giveaway | Register and Get the Opportunity to Share 1,000,000 DMST

DMScript Project Profile

DMScript is a blockchain gaming company dedicated to supporting and releasing video game related projects, leveraging blockchain technology which also proves to be immovable in times of crisis. Our development team has the “game” carved out, which is why we rely on a secure and decentralized blockchain as the core foundation for all our current and future projects, to ensure the most secure and transparent way of transactions. Read more here

DMScript Giveaway | Step by Step

  1. Click the link to Google Forms
  2. Do social media tasks such as;
  3. Follow Twitter Account DMScript
  4. Like and Retweet (With Comment) Posts that are Pinned
  5. join Group Telegram DMScript
  6. join Channel Telegram DMScript
  7. Finally, please fill out the google form
  8. Finished


  • 1000 DMST will be distributed to 1000 lucky winners, bro!
  • The airdrop will end on July 21 and the rewards will be distributed to your ETH wallet within 45 days after the token sale

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