Dolla Payment Bounty Event | Invite and get 5000 DLA

Review of Dolla Payment

In a world where digital currencies have not yet reached mass adoption due to scalability and time constraints and where fiat currencies are outdated, Dolla provides the solution. Dolla is the first decentralized fintech platform that has the ability to measure global usage, while saving users time and money.

At the heart of the Dolla ecosystem is the Dolla blockchain built on the Amended Democratic Byzantine Fault Tolerance (ABDFT) consensus algorithm. ADBFT’s consensus algorithm best fits Dolla’s goal of becoming a globally adopted payment platform as it is lightweight, deterministic and fork-free. It is the perfect base for privacy layers and smart contract options, as well as being economically and environmentally friendly with low transaction fees and low power consumption.

Mass deployment is the main focus and for that we have developed key strategies and products to improve user experience and create brand awareness.

Dolla Payment Bounty Event | Step By Step Join

  1. Click the link to the website Dolla Payment
  2. Verify account via incoming email
  3. Go to the website page and select menu Bounty
  4. Connect your social media with the website to complete the task
  5. Finished


Dolla Payment is having an IEO on ChainX Korea

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