Empow App Airdrop | Register and Claim 100 EM/Day

What is EMPOW Social Networking?

EM Coin is the original EMPOW Blockchain coin, like other native coins of other blockchain networks, EM Coin is the fuel for the Empow Blockchain, an important part of the incentive coin to encourage block producers to do their job.

In the special empow system, users can also earn EM by contributing valuable content on the Empow platform. Empow’s social network keeps you informed of the latest news and trends from anywhere in the world.

With Empow, you will no longer be out of date on social networks! You can earn incentives from simple posts on Empow such as images, gifs or videos. Every time your post is liked by others, some EM coins, as a reward for your contribution to Empow, will be rewarded for you.

You can always exchange EM for other cryptos or fiat money when the coins can be traded on public exchanges. The Empow social network is built on the EMPO blockchain. Therefore, all data of the Empow social network will be stored on the EMPOW blockchain permanently. No government or organization can interfere with Empow’s operations or delete your posts.

Empow App Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Download Empow Network on Playstore
  2. After downloading enter the password 2 times
  3. Continue to save the phasekey wallet code,
  4. Go to the hom menu, select settings (jagged icon)
  5. Click the banner that says Airdrop
  6. Enter code newbie.firmansyah17 on the pen column.
  7. Do other tasks to collect more points
  8. like share your activities
  9. And Watch the video to raise rear


  • Planned listing on p2pb2b.io

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