Ethereum Classic Faucet, Understand the 3 Recommendations

Ethereum Classic is one of the popular virtual coins among investors to store assets. Although the price is not as high as Bitcoin and Ethereum, not a few crypto activists visit Ethereum Classic faucet to get free coins.

Like other crypto coins, Ethereum Classic also has a faucet that makes it easy for users to collect coins for free. Check out the following short review of Ethereum Classic and faucet sites that you can visit.

Get to know Ethereum Classic

Many think that Ethereum Classic and Ethereum are the same crypto coin. In fact, Ethereum Classic or in other words, ETC is a fraction of Ethereum. The emergence of this fraction occurred due to cases of theft from the DAO wallet.

The theft caused a split within Ethereum, triggering a hard fork or major change to the original blockchain code. The camp that does not agree with the change chooses to stay on the original blockchain or often known as Ethereum Classic.

Using the original Ethereum blockchain, ETC has pretty good fundamentals. The platform also runs smart contracts to minimize downtime, fraud, and third-party interference.

What is Ethereum Classic Faucet?

An ETC Faucet is a site or platform that provides free ETC coins. These coins are rewards for users who have done certain things or tasks in accordance with the provisions.

Like most faucet sites, ETC faucets offer an easy and practical solution for collecting Ethereum Classic coins. Even though the amount is not as big as the result of mining, this method can be an alternative to getting ETC crypto assets.

3 Options Ethereum Classic Faucet

In terms of numbers, faucets that offer Ethereum Classic coins are not as many as Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, crypto activists can still benefit from some of the faucets available. Here are 3 choices of ETC faucets that you can visit:

1. Crypto Faucet

Faucetcrypto is a platform that provides various free coins including Etherum Classic, Dogecoin, and many more. This site offers crypto claims for free once every 40 minutes.

While waiting, visitors can still get free coins by watching ads and participating in available surveys. Even users can also get extra coins by recommending this faucet site to others.

2. Althub

Althub is a pretty reliable faucet site for collecting crypto coins. Here users can get 14 different coins including Ethereum Classic. Just by creating an account, users can start collecting coins in various ways.

One of the easiest ways is to claim free coins. In addition, users can also take advantage of the shortlink wall that is available every day.

Like Faucetcrypto and several other faucet sites, Althub also offers bonuses for users who recommend this website to others. The user will get a commission of 20% of what is earned through the recommendation.

3. IceFaucet

EsFaucet offers the best solution for crypto activists who want to collect ETC coins fast. Unlike other sites that use specific time intervals, this faucet allows users to specify how often they want to claim crypto coins.

Even more interesting, EsFaucet supports an Android-based operating system so that it can be accessed easily via a smartphone. This faucet can also be used to mine crypto in the background

In addition to information about Ethereum Classic faucet, there are still many other interesting things that can be extracted from the crypto world. Visit Media Authority and get the latest news, updates, and information about cryptocurrencies.

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