Filecoin Secure and Decentralized Data Storage Service

Digital data storage in today’s era is very important, storing data digitally will make it easier for individuals to access, send and manage their data anywhere and anytime as long as they have internet and supported devices.

Unfortunately, services that provide digital data storage such as Google are still centralized, so they can manage user data at any time, and can be misused or vulnerable to theft. Although vulnerable, in reality there are still many users who use the centralized data storage service.

In overcoming this problem and of course providing users with better data storage services, Filecoin is here which can be used as an option for storing digital data safely. Filecoin is made by Protocol Labs which uses the IPFS protocol on the basis of blockchain technology which can store data in a decentralized manner and is more secure than the HTTP protocol.

The IPFS protocol is also predicted as a technology for the internet in the future. This protocol is rumored to be used by big names in the industry, for example, Facebook, Netflix, and Opera, while Wikipedia, Google Books and Nasa are already using IPFS.

In using Filecoin, users are free to choose data storage services at the lowest prices and provide incentives for service providers called miners. For example, a user wants to store some data on the Filecoin network, the user will pay the miner who provides the storage service. With this payment, the miners will work with the computing process to make your data safe, decentralized and remain of good quality for a certain period of time.

Thanks to the technology used and the interesting method, Filecoin has managed to attract interest big investors.

Big Investors Invest in Filecoin

Several large investors have an interest in Filecoin, some of which are Winklevoss Capital which also oversees the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange and one of the parties that played a role in the formation of Facebook. Then there is Skype, a world-famous crypto exchange namely Coinbase, Y Combinator, Sequoia Capital which is an American venture capital company that focuses on the technology industry, Andreessen Horowitz the leading venture capital firm in America, to Stanford University which is one of the best universities in the world. in Filecoins.

Thanks to the huge corporation and more than 100 well-known individual investors from Silicon Valley, the project raised up to $257 million in its first ICO. This shows that the interest and trust in Filecoin is quite large and is considered promising as an investment in the future.

Filecoin Token Predicted to Have Attractive Prices

Similar to blockchain-based services that can have tokens, Filecoin also has tokens. The name of this token is FIL, for now the token has not been released and is still in the order period. To participate in the FIL ordering process, you can purchase IOU tokens, namely FILT2, which will be exchanged for FIL when the token is officially listed on the exchange. By placing this initial order, you will get the base price of the FIL token.

In order to have FILT2 you can buy this token at Blotocol OÜ. One token is priced at $12.8 and specifically in Indonesia the minimum first purchase is 10 tokens. So, just provide $128 for Indonesians who want to get this token. Purchasing tokens on Blotocol OÜ is cheaper than buying on crypto exchanges.

This Blotocol OÜ will make it easy for anyone who wants to get Filecoin by first buying the FILT2 token. Tokens purchased at IPFSBlox will be locked for 6 months, until the FIL token listing is implemented.

So what are you waiting for? Get FILT2 NOW and take advantage of Filecoin’s secure data storage service. You can find the latest and most up-to-date information from Filecoin and FILT2 in the telegram group Indonesian Filecoins.

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