For Maximum Results, Game Cryptia Delays Launch

World of Cryptia is a game developed by a Japanese game company. This game has beautiful art elements, complex gameplay and can make the experience of playing RPG games exciting.

Cryptia has been developed since 2017 and is expected to provide satisfaction and pleasure for gamers. This game uses play-to-earn mechanics but also active game content and community mechanics.

Seeing what this game has to offer, many communities are looking forward to Cryptia’s presence. Recently, Cryptia provided the latest information regarding game development.

Cryptia decided to postpone the launch of the game because there were several things that needed to be improved for the maximum gaming experience.

This game is currently making improvements, starting from the battle design, the dojo mechanism, to how the screen looks when the user selects heroes to enter the dungeon, everything has been thought out very carefully.

“We decided to make the characters more unique and luxurious, we removed their masks and added accessories. So we also have to make changes to other elements, because all the functions in the game are interrelated,” wrote an official statement from Cryptia.

Cryptia’s Unpublished Secret Thing

For now, Cryptia cannot share the file with you because the file consists of old designs and other secret things that cannot be published.

For now, Cryptia can only show the old design of the player’s screen after selecting heroes and before heroes enter exploration.

As you can see, the amount of detail entered is truly intricate with a level of complexity that has never been seen before in the history of NFT games.

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