Foundry Social Media Competition | Get Total Prize $500

Foundry Review

Foundry is a new incubator created in partnership with Duck DAO and Ferrum Network. Foundry is the first incubator to combine a decentralized fundraising model with the best influencers, founders, exchanges, plus a valuable Defi technology suite to ensure project success from pre-launch to scale. By combining the fundraising model The DuckDAO decentralized with Defi technology from Ferrum Network , plus the strength of two passionate crypto communities and a multi-year advisory structure, The Foundry is the first, last, and only incubator your project will ever need.

We fund all our projects ourselves because of our well-connected network of investors. With a team that has served for more than 6 years, we help you make the right strategic decisions on your journey into the market. Having a strong network of influencers, we are able to create the right buzz in the market for every new project we incubate. COMMUNITY + TECH, Powered by two of the most dominant blockchain incubators. DuckDao, a decentralized Crypto VC where projects are funded by the community and not by non-profit VCs. This way you start your project with capital and a large community that supports you. Ferrum Network, Born in the bear market 2018, Ferrum Network has risen to become one of the leading Defi projects in the industry.

Foundry Social Media Competition | Step By Step Join Giveaway

  1. Visit the Contest page here
  2. Connect your social media like Twitter, Path or Facebook
  3. Or you can fill in the registration form first
  4. Complete the assigned social task
  5. Also share with your friends to add points
  6. Finished


Event ends September 17, 2022

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