Free Cloud Mining VS Paid Version of Cloud Mining

Cloud mining has the meaning of a cryptocurrency mining service that operates remotely. This service is usually available by a host or hosts who do own and sell cloud-based mining. Interested to try free cloud mining?

Before trying, find out how one of the parties can rent out mining services for free. Hosts are usually large companies that own the mining hardware i.e. rigs. Because of that equipment they can rent out mining services.

Free Cloud Mining Paid Cloud Mining Versus

There are two types of cloud mining services, namely free and paid. Then, which type of cloud mining is more valuable and better for you to choose? Some say that the higher the price of the service, the more the mining results will be.

Actually, each version of cloud mining has its own advantages and disadvantages. Know the differences between the two versions so you can choose the most appropriate cloud mining for your own needs.

1. Paid Cloud Mining

This first version of cloud mining is available in a variety of different package options. Miners can choose the package that best suits their needs. What do you need to know about this paid version of cloud mining?

  • Varied Hash Rate

Has rate is an indicator that shows how powerful a mining device is or how many Bitcoins we can mine at any given time. Unfortunately, the initial cost of a paid cloud mining contract can be very expensive. But this is equivalent to the hash rate.

Usually, the higher the upfront payment, the faster the hash rate will be. As a result, miners can get profitable results in a much faster time.

  • Cloud mining service price

The price of paid cloud mining services can vary. But usually, entry plans are available in the price range of USD 200 to 300. If you choose the lowest price, the hash rate you get will be lower when you compare it to services available at higher prices.

2. Free Cloud Mining

There are many free mining services that you can easily find nowadays. The question is, are the results you get from this service worth the promotion? How does this free cloud mining work?

  • How free cloud mining works

Hosts don’t ask for an initial fee, but take a small share of the monthly earnings that miners get. This fee excludes maintenance and electricity costs. The problem is that Bitcoin is a very slow cryptocurrency to mine.

The Bitcoin mining process with this cloud mining method takes a very long time to get Bitcoin in the amount that is in line with the expectations of every miner.

The problem with free cloud mining is that scams are often found under the guise of offering free cloud mining. There are several applications that have been found promising to profit from the cloud-based Bitcoin mining process for free.

It turns out that the miners are required to pay a subscription fee that must be paid every month. Even though it has been paid, the miner still does not get any profit in the form of Bitcoin or any crypto currency.

Before choosing one type of online-based Bitcoin mining, make sure you really understand every risk that is behind each mining method. To get complete information about the best mining methods, you can visit

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