Free Sky Internet Airdrop | Register and Get $4000 FSK

Free Sky Internet Review

The centralized and exclusive provider runs most or the Internet access network. Internet service providers charge a monthly fee for all routers and network equipment you use. And most locations only have one or two provider options. So if you don’t like the service or the price, there’s nothing you can do about it. Competition creates new internet providers, large enough to start their own business, but this is not possible for all. Freesky allows.

Our team supports the development of community and community built networks that are based on our tools. Such an approach helps people to create decentralized Internet providers in their communities and manage and develop them easily.

To simplify the explanation of network architecture we present some of the roles that a device can perform. Note that this role is not physical but logical. Thus, a single device can perform multiple roles simultaneously:

  • User nodes
  • relay nodes
  • Output node

Free Sky Internet Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Join first at Coinsbit for those who don’t have an account.
  2. Fill in the registration form and verify E-mail
  3. Set 2FA Authenticator
  4. Do KYC and have been approved
  5. Click the link to BOT FSK
  6. Click menu My Wallet and type the username registered with Coinsbit
  7. Click menu Condition and do the tasks in the BOT instructions such as;
  8. Join one of the FSK local groups on the BOT and don’t forget to join the FSK Global group
  9. Find the post pin in the FSK telegram group, copy and get the status link
  10. Go to twitter and make a post about FSK project and Paste Link Pin Post from Telegram
  11. Paste the twitter link from your status to teleram bot and you’re done
  12. Wait for the distribution token


  • Tokens will be distributed automatically to the balance on the exchange 10.08.2022, you don’t need to specify any wallet, just need a username on, to accept payments add CoinsBit username
  • Confirmation of placement of information should be sent only to this bot, If you post to a chat or other resource, this will be considered a violation!
  • Planned listing on Coinsbit and Yobit Exchange

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