Gaimin Airdrop | Submit and Get 270 GMRX

Gaimin is an entertainment marketplace based on Blockchain technology. Gaimin Solutions is a Windows based application that allows gamers to connect, and contribute their GPU (graphics card) processing power to the “ Monetization Network”.

The “Gaimin” AI Engine then directs this processing power towards monetization opportunities, including data processing activities such as CGI rendering and confirmation and validation of blockchain transactions (known as “blockchain mining”)

Gaimin Airdrop | Step by step

For those of you who are interested, please follow the steps below.

  1. Going to BOT Link!
  2. Follow the Instructions As Usual
  3. Submit the data that has been shown
  4. Now in the Address column, fill in your EOS address, for those who don’t have it, please register and to register at Wombat and activate the wallet, no deposit is required.
  5. after registering send a memo (EOS address a combination of 12 words or characters) and pepper key from wombat (top right)
  6. Wait until disti


  • Download Wombat wallet for free on Here
  • The location of the Public Key is in the top submenu, with the name Keys
  • You can download it via the webstore in Chrome and Mozilla browsers

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