Get to know the Features of the Crypto Blockchain Game

Now playing RPG games can also produce, one of the RPG games that gamers can try is Cryptia. In this game players can buy weapons and heroes to explore the game and win in the battles that the game holds.

Cryptia has a variety of features, including the following.

Get to know the Features of the Crypto Blockchain Game

World Class Art and Design

Cryptia is a game from Gianty Inc. This game feature uses a versatile combination of Spine, Photoshop, After Effects, and Unity to design and enhance all the visual components that make up Cryptia.

Cryptocurrency Based Training

In this game there is special training to know the game more deeply and improve the abilities of the characters in the game. The training sessions in this section fluctuate with real-world cryptocurrency exchange rates.

Select the type of cryptocurrency you want to associate with the training session and hold it until the coin price increases substantially to get the desired value for money.

Guild War

Guild War is WoC’s biggest PvP event, where guilds compete against each other for the right to manage and operate the Cryptia ruins. All exploration of the ruins near the guild wars will be timed.

Whichever guild wins from the ruins the fastest during the duration of the ongoing guild war will gain full ownership of the ruins.

Team Ruins Exploration

Exploration of the ruins is carried out by the Rogue-lite game system, allowing players to experience new challenges no matter how many times they re-enter the ruins.

As the player steps into the quest, the player will be confronted with many obstacles that diversify the gameplay experience, such as fighting unique monsters, decrypting confusing encrypted clues, and engaging in devastating special events.

With each successful exploration, players will get the treasures of the wizarding civilization hidden in the ruins.

These treasures are NFTs that can be freely bought and sold on the Marketplace, or used as special weapons and attributes in future quests.

Cryptia Original Token

Just like games that use blockchain and include NFT in it, Cryptia also has a native token on the network that is used for transactions.

The following are the original tokens of the Cryptia game.

CRYPT tokens

Cryptia’s main native token is named CRYPT, with the total supply limited to 500,000,000 tokens that can be purchased on Ethereum. A hard cap of $3,000,000 which was partly expected from a private selling round of $2,300,000.

The seed round and the public sale round will be worth about $350,000. Initial market cap will be $1,340,000, with an initial circulating supply of 33,508,000 tokens.

CRYPT tokens will be used for transactions in our in-game marketplace and gacha purchases. Due to its limited supply, token inflation in World of Cryptia is basically avoidable.

Tia Tokens

The TIA token is Cryptia’s secondary token. It is obtained from treasure chests, or as a PvP reward. TIA tokens speed up the recovery of injured adventurers, add training sessions, and pay for Class Changes.

They can also be used to purchase items that can enhance the player’s browsing experience, or invest in the maintenance of a Guild-managed archeological site after a Guild War update.

Crypto Road Map

Phase 1 (Early Oct 2022) – IDO, General Sale and Gacha

This phase is dedicated to completing our sales round, along with the in-game Gacha concept. As noted above, our IDO is planned for later this month, and we are currently working tirelessly to deliver our plans in time and keep up with our fans’ anticipation of our token release.

Stage 2 Late Oct 2022 – Adventurer Training Dojo and Marketplace

Furthermore, Cryptia plans to finalize the design and development of the Cryptia Adventurer Training Dojo, an arena in which warriors unlock and upgrade a large number of special skills, whose efficacy levels are constantly self-modifying based on the latest cryptocurrency exchange rates.

Our NFT marketplace is also ongoing right now and will finish in October, so all Cryptia gamers can buy and sell in-game items as soon as possible.

Stage 3 (Oct 2022) – Dungeon Exploration and Adventure Hire

November will be devoted to improving our game. The world of Cryptia will be even more exciting with the introduction of dungeon exploration and hiring adventurers, which is one of the most anticipated features in Cryptia World.

These features give players the freedom to develop their team of adventurers, thus fearlessly taking on the many challenges our game has to offer

Stage 4 (Q1/2022) – Team Dungeon Exploration, MVP on iOS and Android

At this stage, the Cryptia team aims to expand our reach to mobile gaming through the introduction of MVP – the minimum viable product that helps us evaluate user interest in our product – on iOS and Android.

Gamers can then enjoy our thrilling adventures with the comfort of their phones anytime and anywhere. Dungeon exploration in Cryptia will also be open to team players.

Stage 5 (Q2/2022) – PvP, Guild War and Full Support for iOS and Android.

The final stage in this roadmap will be dedicated to refining the last details of the game, and full support for mobile games on both iOS and Android operating systems.

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