Ghost Coin Used as Payment for Vending Machine in Hong kong

Ghost Coin, a private coin led by John McAfee, can now be used on vending machines at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Ghost announced on Twitter that they are partnering with crypto payment system ivendPay to spread the coins across more than 60 vending machines around Hong Kong, even the one at Hong Kong Disneyland.

“When we first launched $GHOST, our vision was not only focused on #Privacy but also on real user adoption,”

said Ghost on Twitter.

Privacy Coin and distributed exchanges went live last week amid the ongoing controversy surrounding it. The phantom distributed exchange replaces the in-progress McAfeeDEX distributed exchange.

The controversial and eccentric McAfee has come under fire after it was discovered that portions of the Ghost whitepaper were “copied from” the open-source protocol PIVX whitepaper. McAfee acknowledged that plagiarism was involved but still threatened to sue PIVX for defamation. PIVX also plans to launch the zk-SNARKS-based privacy protocol from Zcash in the fourth quarter of this year.

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