Golden Goals Launches NFT Platform in Tezos and Partners FC Nantes

Golden Goals is a new sports NFT platform built on top of Tezos that enables fans to experience NFT while interacting with their favorite football team.

One of the football clubs that Golden Golas has partnered with is FC Nantes, the top French football team playing in Ligue 1 has partnered with Golden Goals to launch NFT.

“A unique collection of digital assets of the 21/22 away jersey which relates to its physical dimensions, for this first collection, and has the possibility to acquire several versions on NFT from the club,” reads the FC Nantes website.

The first function of Golden Goals is to be the NFT market in world football. That is, a space that allows users to create, exchange, and showcase NFTs.

The platform will bring together the digital football collection of the club and its fans, and is a testament to the lifelong commitment of the men and women to making football the most exciting art and sport in the world.

The platform was created by a company called euraNov, which has offices in Paris and Lille. They are a digital transformation and consulting firm specializing in Salesforce, Dropbox, and HelloSign. They also specialize in blockchain and Esports.

Using the Golden Goals Platform

Platform users do not need to submit their registration details to use the platform, however, to buy, sell or create, they must use a Tezos wallet.

One example of a wallet that is given to users is Temple Wallet. Users are then given instructions on how to credit their wallet with tez via Ramp. This allows platform users to credit their accounts using fiat within the platform itself.

The platform allows users to create their own NFTs at a cost of just a few cents using the Tezos blockchain. The platform takes a 3% fee. Golden Goals states on their website that they chose Tezos in part because of being an eco-friendly blockchain.

Clubs Can Create and Sell NFT

One of the interesting dynamics of the Golden Goals platform is that it allows users to donate to their favorite club. Users can choose to donate (between 1% and 20%).

The user can select this percentage immediately in the case of a fixed price sale, and at the end of the auction in the case of an auction. Clubs themselves can also create and sell NFT through the platform, enabling an NFT fan experience.

On the Golden Goals platform, there are two types of NFT available (GOAL and FAN). NFT GOAL on the platform is certified NFT is NFT that can only be created by verified users such as football clubs. NFT fans can be created by anyone and can be associated with a particular club by the creator.

Some certified NFTs on the platform will allow privileges such as being able to obtain a physical representation of the NFT.

SUZ tokens from Golden Goals

The Golden Goals platform also has a token named SUZ, it is a token (cryptocurrency) on the Tezos blockchain created by the company behind Golden Goals (EuraNov) and is intended for all current and future blockchain applications.

In the short term, this will be used to purchase premium and special NFTs, and for Golden Goals gamification logic. While supplies last, platform users who purchase NFT will receive SUZ tokens into their wallets.

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