Goldfinx Airdrop | Register and Get 1 GIX Worth 2 Euros

Goldfinx Airdrop – The GoldFinX Contract Mining Agreement, which covers a 20% production share of the mined gold, guarantees a systematic way to increase the value of the gold that is continuously held in world-famous vaults. This greater value, in turn, will increase the trading value of the GiX coin.

Should a major catastrophe impede the life cycle of the GiX coin, the holders of the GiX coins can have peace of mind, in case of dissolution, that they too will be recipients of the value of the gold held in the same vault. the proportion of their coin holdings with respect to the entire GiX coin pool. Gold has always been a historical safe-haven investment that has been on the rise over time.

Goldfinx Airdrop is 1 token GIX worth $2 EUROS for their community members. To participate, register, log in and receive up to 1 2 EUROS worth of GIX tokens. Also, invite friends and earn extra tokens for every referral. Also, users can buy coins and transfer coins on Coinsbit Exchange.

Goldfinx Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Register in Goldfinx Website
  2. Verify your email id and login to your account
  3. You will get 1 GIX token in your wallet.
  4. Also, invite friends and earn extra tokens for every referral.

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