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Gotem Review

Gotem is the first platform discovered that allows anyone to put together global investigations and humanitarian missions. The platform operates multiple functions via the Ethereum blockchain (i.e. payments, escrow, smart contracts, voting, feedback) to allow transparency for all parties involved. Users can unlock global crowdfunding for all types of missions. Mission contributors are allowed voting rights to determine who is selected for the mission, approval of evidence, and expenditure of funds.

Given our current global climate and the direction our world is taking, it is imperative that there is a way out for transparency and global prosperity. This requires a decentralized platform that cannot be shut down by authorities or special interest groups (GIS). Gotem made this wish come true. We are on the cusp of a global change in the way people view government, security, money, resources, and the direction of our species. With a fully functional prototype, we anticipate that our movement will change the way people interact and live their personal lives. Hopefully, it will change the world in a meaningful way that will impact future generations for hundreds of years.

Gotem Airdrop | Step By Step Join

  1. Click the link to Airdrop GOTEM
  2. Follow Telegram Group
  3. Follow Twitter Account
  4. Enter your ETH ERC20 Address from the Wallet App (Trust Wallet, Im Token, Math Wallet, Huobi Wallet etc.)
  5. Finished


  • Airdrops will be distributed in February 2022
  • Gotem Airdrop is already listed on Probit Exchange

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