GREE X PBank Airdrop | Register and Get Total 3,180,000 GREE

PBank Exchange is a global digital asset services platform registered in Singapore and controlled by Dade bank of America, which provides users worldwide with secure, stable and convenient integrated digital asset services.

PBank pays attention to compliance, and has obtained cooperation with local regulatory agencies in overseas countries. It has many compliance licenses and compliance support from America (MSB license), Kyrgyzstan and other countries abroad.

PBank develops diversified business strategies. Not only does it have operations centers in many places around the world, it also includes digital asset banks, investment banks, digital asset exchanges and digital asset wallets.

PBank provides users with industry-leading transaction depth and transaction security and a fast operating experience. Meanwhile, the mobile terminal and multi-language switch make it easy for users around the world to use anytime and anywhere.

GREE (Greeners Energy Chain) will open Currency Trading (pair: Gree/USDT) on PBank exchange at 10:00 (UTC+8) on June 5, 2022. We will be launching a limited time landing during the GREE launch.

During the event, users who register PBank and forward the poster, or deposit an amount of USDT, will receive the appropriate amount from the GREE airdrop. The total number of GREE airdrops is limited to 3,180,000. First come first served.

Activity time

From 17:00 on 3 June 2022 to 16:00 on 8 June 2022 (UTC+8)

GREE X PBank Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Stage 1 Register
    1. Visit site PBank
    2. Before filling out the form, first change the language/writing from Mandarin to English
      • Click the globe icon at the top right corner
      • Search English
    3. Return to the registration form, fill in your personal data according to the form provided
    4. Verify your registered phone number or email
    5. Check messages or inbox/spam (email)
    6. Enter code PRpR91
    7. Finished
  2. KYC Stage
    1. Enter the security menu
    2. First, set your 2fa (Google authenticator)/Hape number and don’t forget to save the code.
    3. Go to KYC menu
    4. Fill in your personal data according to the form
    5. Select type ID (KTP, SIM (Driver License), Passport)
    6. Upload the front and back side of your ID
    7. Selfi using ID and a piece of paper
    8. Paper written with a description ( Your KYC date, as well as your name or signature)
    9. Approve and wait until KYC is approved (Approx. 30 Minutes)
    10. Finished
  3. Task Airdrop
    1. Join Telegram Pbank Group
    2. Make a Post About Airdrop Events
      On Facebook / Twitter & Post Must
      In the form of Pictures + Special Words
      Example & Post Material (Below)
    3. You can get pictures and sentences in the Group
    4. Upload Screenshot + Copy Post Link
  4. Claim Reward
    1. open Google Forms
    2. Fill in the required data in the form of;
    3. Enter Pbank Account Email
    4. Enter UID Pbank Account
      (UID Account Is In User Center)
    5. Enter Post Link
    6. Upload Post Screenshots
    7. Click Submit / Submit
    8. Finished


  • KYC Verification Required
  • Must Complete Tasks
  • Required to Fill in the Claim Reward Form
  • Event Ends June 8/11 2022
  • Distribution After Event Finish

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